“Coffee Splash” effect

Some artistic fun with your kid on the weekend: Coffee Splash! I know this method has a different name, but I never found it out and prefer to call it Coffee Splash as that’s what it is πŸ™‚

“BLEEEH framed”

I spent this morning being creative with Lili, particularly using a method I hadn’t yet used, dunking paper in coffee to give it in an old, parchment like feel. I had only ever seen example of this but never tried it myself, so today was the perfect opportunity!

LILI showed me how it’s done, by boiling a pot of coffee and submerging the paper in it. The first paper mostly fell to pieces and looked charged, but her second paper came out perfectly.

I did the same process with one of my drawings. Printed the drawing on photopaper; dunked it in a mix of coffee, beetroot and black tea; crumpled the page; left to dry; then stuck it on a “mixed media” background: several pieces of scrap paper stuck on top of each other, 1 (dried out) coffee filter split in 2, and some parchment/wrapping paper fillers. This is a good use for old wrapping paper and coffee filters!

Lili’s parchment